Oil sludge recycling
Divide and conquer!

Oil sludge recycling

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Return oil from the spill is possible. Say no to utilization


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Range of application

  • Animals in oil spill
    Animals in oil spill

    Sorbent for animals and birds from oil. Sorbent besopasen and environmentally friendly product

  • OSR in sand desert
    OSR in sand desert

    Technology and equipment for the desert will help eliminate the oil spill in the desert

  • OSR in the marshland
    OSR in the marshland

    Special equipment to work on the marshland. Oil Spill with the technique REMY

  • OSR in winter conditions
    OSR in winter conditions

    Equipment for oil spill response at low temperatures. Arctic equipment

  • OSR on fire
    OSR on fire

    The sorbent can be applied in fires. Ignition temperature of 2000 degrees of oil sorbent.

  • at temperatures up to 2000 C
    OSR on the beach

    The sorbent can be used on beaches. Sorbent absorbs the oil on the water or sand the same way. Absorbs only petroleum product!

  • OSR on the water surface
    OSR on the water surface

    Spillage of oil on the water surface

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Saving oil reserves
Oil spills are much higher than the demand for oil elsewhere

Saving oil reserves

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Can the oil from the spill for the purpose intended, or just recycle?
The oil may be returned to the line? By applying our technology and equipment you will get a clean oil from the ground or water back into production
The technology works or already was only in drawings?
The technology works for several years on the market and has many adherents. Basically these are companies who care about the planet clean
Usually spill may be accompanied by fire. During a fire, it does not work?
Our technology operates at a temperature of 2000 degrees, does not burn and does not sink. Excellent work at high temperatures


Eco-TechRecOil Oy – Eco-Technology of Recovering Oil from Spill

Technology Oil Spill, where 99.5% of the oil may return to the pipeline.

Oil Spill. How to extract oil from the water? How to extract oil from the ground, sand, or swamp? Extract the oil, but then do not recycle, and get the finished product - pure oil as before spill

эко технологияIn Russian

In the Russian oil spill about 30 million barrels of oil...it is about 1.2 billion dollars!

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  • oil sorbent
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